Mindful inspiration

Mindful Inspiration offer a range of options to learn mindfulness skills, through one-to-one and group-based learning. We are primarily located in the West Midlands and, service Birmingham and other areas within the region, but will also work in other locations across the country.

Mindfulness is a skill that can help us to connect with what’s happening in the present moment. With increasing demands on our time we can often feel pulled in different directions which can have a stressful affect on us. Mindfulness can help; to centre ourselves, bring clarity to challenging situations, better understand ourselves and others, as well as helping to connect with those things that make us feel alive and nourished.

We practice mindfulness by bringing awareness to our experience of body sensations, feelings and thoughts as they happen. We become aware of those patterns of thinking and behaviours that are not helpful and through this awareness and centred place we are in a better position to make wise choices about how best to respond to a situation.

People who have attended courses similar to one’s we offer report that they:

  • are able to manage stressful situations more effectively
  • have increased confidence and self esteem
  • are able to make better decisions in their personal and professional life
  • experience improvements in relationships, within their personal and work contexts
  • experience greater satisfaction and enjoyment in home and work life

Our aim is to enable individuals be the best they can in different aspects of their lives. We deliver mindfulness courses for individuals, groups and organisations and, will customise courses to ensure they meet specific needs. We offer the following courses:

  • Taster sessions
  • Group based public courses
  • Mindfulness presentations and workshops
  • Customised workplace mindfulness courses
  • One-to-one mindfulness coaching

All courses are led by qualified, experienced and skilled mindfulness teachers. Parveen Poonia, the founder of Mindful Inspiration and Mindfulness Teacher, has been awarded a MSc in Teaching Mindfulness-Based courses and Certificate in Competence in Teaching from Bangor university. The MSc programme is the most in-depth mindfulness teacher-training available in the UK, and Bangor university is the leading UK institution in the development of mindfulness teacher-training, research and practice. Parveen has delivered numerous mindfulness workshops and courses to individuals, groups and organisations. 

What is Mindfulness

I found Parveen to be a very competent and compassionate course leader. She put everyone at ease and responded to people’s comments very skilfully. I found the course sessions varied and enjoyable (especially on stress). I found the atmosphere created very cohesive and supportive. Even with 5 years mindfulness practice behind me I found the course very useful. (C – Teacher)